Based on the recommendation of nurses,
we designed a unique line of

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

approved premature and newborn infant clothing.

Handmade of 100% soft cotton interlock knit to be gentle against fragile skin.

All of  our clothing is  designed so nothing is pulled over your baby's head or face.

Our NICU shirts and gowns open wide in front

and close with Velcro. No struggles with little arms and legs to force clothes on.

No difficult buttons or snaps.Very easy, simple, safe dressing and undressing

NICU Preemie Baby Open Shoulder Gown

When we started the business, we wanted to sell preemie clothing that was soft, easy for Mom and Dad to dress the baby, and even easier for nurses to remove. Our open shoulder shirts and gowns, open flat, and close with soft Velcro closures. Perfect for NICU wear. Simply place your baby on top of the gown and gently and safely wrap  around your baby. The adjustable Velcro design allows for excellent fit. NICU gowns and shirts will not interfere with hospital equipment. No need to disconnect wires or tubes to dress/undress baby. The sizes start for premature babies under 3 pounds and go up to 12 pounds. Care tag is located not to come in contact with your baby's skin to avoid chafing.

Red Open Shoulder Preemie Baby ShirtRed Open Shoulder Preemie Baby ShirtRed Open Shoulder Preemie Baby ShirtRed Open Shoulder Preemie Baby Shirt



All of our preemie and newborn shirts and gowns are available with open shoulders.They are also available with the shoulder seams sewn closed.As a manufacturer we are able to create special needs garments at reasonable prices.

Feel free to call us (888-245-1715) with any questions or requests.

Custom orders are welcome!

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