Yeah! It is getting warmer in Maryland! On Sunday, Ralph and I took our dog Hannah, to the Lion's Club Park. We had such a great time. We walked around the pond, Hannah startled a fisherman (he was happy to see her!). Geese were playing in the water. Such a nice morning.

As we were walking, the sun was really in my eyes. I starting thinking of newborn baby eyes and how fragile they are. I am so happy we started making baby sun hats a few years ago for preemies, newborns and toddlers. Made with 100% cotton knit, they stay on your baby's head and protect precious eyes.

Helpful tips from the March of Dimes website:

Here’s how you can help keep your baby safe from the sun:

  • Limit your baby’s time in the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. This is when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Keep your baby in the shade under a tree, an umbrella or other covering, especially if he’s younger than 6 months.
  • Put your baby in a hat with a wide brim and baby sunglasses. Hats shade the face, and sunglasses protect your baby’s eyes. Look for sunglasses that have 99 percent UV protection. UV stands for ultraviolet. The sun gives off ultraviolet rays that can harm your baby.
  • Dress your baby in lightweight clothes that cover his arms and legs. Choose clothes made from cloth that has a tight weave. This means that threads in the cloth are close together so that light can’t come through. To see if clothing has a tight weave, hold it up to a light. The less light that passes through the fabric, the tighter the weave.
  • Put sunscreen on your baby, even on cloudy days.  Sunscreen is a product that helps protect skin from sunburn. If your baby is older than 6 months, it’s safe to put sunscreen all over her body. If your baby is less than 6 months old, it’s best to keep her out of direct sunlight. But if you’re in the sun with no shade and your baby’s clothes and hat don’t fully protect her skin, use sunscreen on the parts of her body exposed to the sun, like her face and the backs of her hands.


Enjoy the warm weather!