I heard an interesting story about Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner. While doing yardwork, Madison saw what he thought was a rattlesnake. He uses an axe to kill the snake. His wife noticed that one of two baby bunnies that came out of the snake's stomach was still moving.  The Bumgarners took the bunny home, nursed it back to health, and then released it back into the wild.

At Jacqui's Preemie Pride, we hear so many similar stories of preemie survival against all odds. 1 pound babies, 6 month NICU stays, all sorts of medical procedures, etc. Our happiest emails are the success stories parents and pictures send us.


Our youngest grand daughter, Alice was born 1 year ago. She spent a couple days in the NICU with a minor lung tear. Our daughter-in-law had complications from c-section and needed a couple extra days. Her mother had to check into the hospital within hours of Alice's birth with intestinal issues. Three generations of women in the hospital simultaneously. Thankfully all are doing well now.



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