We have just finished a very busy Halloween season. So many green and orange tights, pumpkin hats, and red and white striped Waldo hats. We hope you all had a safe and fun trick or treat. We have had about a week of transition into Thanksgiving and Christmas. Santa hats, Christmas tights, turkey hats, Hanukkah gowns are really picking up.

At this time of year Sue and I like to count our blessings. Three healthy grandchildren. A fresh delivery of heating oil. Food in the kitchen. Yesterday Sue made gluten free brownies and blueberry muffins using King Arthur mixes. Because I am on a diet, I cut the 9x9 brownie pan into 6 brownies instead of 12 as recommended. That way if I eat only 2 brownies I am not breaking my diet. LOL. 

On a serious note, we are participating with Silvie Bells on their seasonal preemie donations. We are donating 120 scent blankets. These are used by parents to acclimate their preemie with family scents. Families take the small gauze blankets home and press them against their body. When they take the blankets back to NICU the blanket is placed with baby to give olfactory stimulation and help the infant bind with family.