Thank You, Neonatal Nurses!

Today is Neonatal Nurses Day, a day to recognize and celebrate the dedicated professionals who care for newborn babies and their families. NICU nurses do so much more than provide medical treatment; they teach, encourage, laugh, cry, and share in one of the most challenging times in a family’s life. Even years after families leave the hospital, their NICU nurses are cherished and remembered. In honor of this special day, I asked Jacqui’s Preemie Pride owner Sue Regan to talk a little bit about how she remembers the nurses who cared for Jacqui thirty-three years ago.

"The NICU nurses at Georgetown University Hospital were wonderful. I couldn't spend time with Jacqui in the NICU for the first several weeks because I was so ill. At least one nurse a day came to my room to give me an update and bring me a picture. Each one expressed how beautiful, smart and easy she was. One nurse regularly came in early for her shift so she could have Jacqui as her patient for the day.
6 weeks after her birth I was well enough to go home. Jacqui was transferred to Shady Grove Hospital, which was closer to our home. The nurses there were just as awesome. One nurse came in on her day off to check on her. She told me every day how much she loved Jacqui.
It is so hard to have a baby in the NICU but not being able to see her was incredibly difficult. The nurses were compassionate and empathetic, and did what they could to brighten my day. Knowing they were caring for my daughter with such kindness and love made the situation bearable.
Thank you to all of the wonderful nurses out there. You shoulder enormous responsibility and at the same time make everyone's lives easier."

Happy Neonatal Nurses Day to all of you! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.