A Word of Encouragement for Parents of Preemies


When I had my daughter, Jacqui, at 32 weeks, I didn’t know what the next three days would look like, let alone the next thirty years. We were both very sick and sometimes I wasn't sure if either of us were going to make it. That is one of the struggles of being a parent in the NICU: there is so much uncertainty. Part of the joy of new parenthood is picturing your baby as he or she grows up, but for moms and dads in the NICU, imagining life beyond the difficult early weeks can be hard and sometimes scary. We'd like to share a little bit about our daughter with you all, with the hope that you’ll be encouraged by the knowledge that preemies can, and do, survive and thrive after they graduate from the NICU.

Today, our preemie, Jacqui is doing great. We’re very excited to announce that she has written her first novel! She has been working as a freelance journalist for several years. She recently finished her book The Walls Are Closing In.

Decades after The Seclusion, during which America constructed massive border walls and sealed itself off from the outside world, thirty-one year old Patricia Evans lives within the panoptic nightmare of a total surveillance state. A cautionary tale.

She is collaborating with the reader-driven publisher Inkshares to develop it. Inkshares provides the opportunity for Jacqui to have her book published by demonstrating that she has a following of readers who are interested in it. The first three chapters of the book are available to read on the website, and if a reader likes it, they can pre-order a copy, in e-book or paperback, to receive when it’s published. If 750 readers support the book, Jacqui will be given a full publishing contract. (If the book is not published, all money is returned to the supporters.) We are so proud and hope she gets a lot of support!

So here’s our plug...if you or someone you know loves reading and wants to back a new author, have a look at Jacqui’s work.  The Walls Are Closing In

 So be encouraged! You never know what path your little ones will take - with love, support, and encouragement, they can achieve great things! And of more immediate use to those of you with a newborn, there are many support organizations, including Hand to Hold and Graham’s Foundation, that connect parents with peer mentors who have had a preemie. They can guide and support you through your baby’s early years. We wish you all the best and, as always, leave us a comment! We would love to hear what your preemie is up to, as a little one or all grown up.

Much love,