A hat is a newborn staple, of course. Temperature regulation is always a concern, especially for premature babies. Besides a diaper, a hat is often the very first piece of clothing a baby wears. And the act of dressing a baby often carries huge significance for parents, especially parents of preemies. A baby's first clothes aren't only functional items. They are a part of a family's emotional life. They become touchstones for memories. Offering clothing for premature babies, and being a part of the special act of dressing newborns, is incredibly important to us. So we're pleased to introduce a new addition to our line of baby hats! 


Our White Hospital Hat is a classic, durable cap that is ideal for newborns of all sizes. These hats are sewn with no side seams, so the fabric lays smoothly on the baby's head without any uncomfortable lumps. They are also very durable, and stand up well to repeated hot water washing and drying. Another benefit: the fabric stretches wonderfully so that the fit is just right. 

We've added a touch of personality to these, as well. They come with a variety of designs on the brims, including bows, pumpkins for Halloween, soccer balls for the sports fans, and more. We hope that, while serving the important purpose of keeping babies warm, they also bring smiles to parents, family, and the doctors and nurses who care for these precious little ones!

With love,

All of us at Jacqui's Preemie Pride