The willingness of parents to share their experiences of premature birth is a gift of encouragement, hope, and perspective. Their generosity and desire to help someone else, even a complete stranger, by being open about their struggles and triumphs is truly remarkable. It can bring comfort to families going through the same experiences and understanding to those who may not be aware of the challenges a preemie faces. These are some of my favorite preemie parent blogs and story collections right now. They’re inspiring, eye-opening, and heartwarming.

Graham's Foundation Preemie Stories
Graham’s Foundation features family stories written by various contributors. Topics range from birth stories, to life after the NICU, to what it’s like to care for a child with a particular condition. The Preemie Stories section of their website is full of information and encouragement for families all along the journey of prematurity.

My Kota Bear
My Kota Bear is a new blog that follows Dakota, born in early January, 2017 at 22 weeks. Her mom, Shirley, offers encouragement and hope to other parents, even as she’s in the NICU herself every day. My Kota Bear is a beautiful example of community-building through shared experience.

The Preemie Prince
If you haven’t been following the Preemie Prince on Instagram, you’re really missing out. He is baby Austin, born at 25 weeks. His mom, Ashley, and dad, Aaron, have documented his NICU stay and transition home with humor, positivity, and an infectious hope that is such a joy to experience. Now 7 months old, Austin is just as adorable as ever and so fun to watch grow.

The Smallest Things Blog
The Smallest Things is a UK-based organization that supports and advocates for families with premature babies. The Smallest Things blog is another good place to read about how parents deal with life in the NICU. Guest writers share their unique experiences of premature birth. You can also find advice on how to make it through the most difficult periods, the perspective of an obstetrician, and discussion of the importance of mental health care for parents.

The 4 P's of Prematurity
This is a single post on a wider-ranging parenting blog, but I think it captures very succinctly some of the commonly-shared experiences of giving birth prematurely. Courtney, mom of a 25-week preemie, describes how if feels to be thrown into the often overwhelming world of the NICU. If you want to try to understand what preemie parents go through, this is a good place to start.

These are just a few of the very many preemie parent blogs that are out there. We would love to hear about your favorites; if you have suggestions for other parents, feel free to leave them in the comments or on any of our social media pages! SaveSaveSaveSave