We are always appreciative of all our customers and love to hear success stories.  However, we take special pride in being able to design clothing adaptations for special needs infants. In the past we have worked with Teleflex Medical to design a "cuter" infant canula hat with ears, worked with Cincinnati Children's Hospital on a project to make purple gowns for infants at risk of abduction, and with Sundial Medical to provide affordable infant mittens to prevent scratching. 

Last week we were contacted by a mother whose 12 pound baby is hospitalized  for a heart transplant. They needed a unique gown that would allow a significant number of wires and other monitor equipment to exit gown mid torso. Drs wanted baby to be dressed and undressed without disturbing monitor equipment and with minimal chest pressures. Basically we took an open shoulder gown and added a mid-torso slit through right and left front panels giving plenty of space for wires. As an additional benefit this lower opening allows for very easy diaper changes without having to open chest panels.

This week we are working on designs for infants that have had colostomies. A nurse practitioner at Albany Medical Center requested help for infants she cares for in the NICU and PICU. We are so grateful to be able to help children and families in times of need. 

Feel free to contact us with special needs or requests for infant hospital or at home clothing adaptations 


888-245-1715 ralph@preemiepride.com