Each November 17th, individuals and organizations around the world make a special effort to raise awareness of premature birth. With preterm birth rates rising in many places, including here in the United States, increased public awareness and commitment to finding solutions is crucial to the well-being of babies, mothers, and families all over the world. We encourage everyone to find ways to be a part of the effort to reduce premature birth; we all have something to offer. Whether that means sharing your story as a parent, contributing to organizations researching premature birth, or contacting your political representatives to ask them to support public health initiatives related to pregnancy and childbirth, your voice is valuable. To find out more about World Prematurity Day and how you can be involved, you can visit the World Health Organization, the March of Dimes, or a local preemie parents support organization in your area. Thank you to everyone working to reduce the number of babies who are born too early!