JollyPop Preemie Baby Pacifier

  • JollyPop Preemie Baby Pacifier Blue
  • JollyPop Preemie Baby Pacifier Teal
  • JollyPop Preemie Baby Pacifier Pink
  • JollyPop Preemie Baby Pacifier Teal Soother
      • Safe 100% silicone - will not crack, break or peel
      • Soft & flexible soother, no hard inner guard
      • Comfortable binkie, curved shape fits baby's face
      • Easy-to-hold loop shaped handle with nubs
      • Two-tone baby bright colors
      • Made in the USA
    • Packaged clean and ready to use in individual poly bags

    • Phthalate-free, latex-free, BPA-free, DEHP-free

    • One piece construction, adheres to American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines

    • JollyPop Pacifiers comply with US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards for pacifiers

      JollyPop Preemie Baby Pacifier

    For premature babies,
    for use in the hospital
    or by recommendation of your
    doctor or NICU caregiver.
    Our pacifiers have been used in hospitals
    with micro preemies 24 weeks and older.
    JollyPop pre-term pacifiers feature a natural, textured nipple
    that does not create nipple confusion for breastfeeding babies.
    It is the same nipple as hospital baby bottles.
    Teal, pink or blue colors available!
    TO CLEAN: Wash regularly in in hot water with mild detergent; rinse before use. Safe methods to sanitize: Place in boiling water for two minutes. Let cool before use. Place in top rack of home dishwasher or home sterilizer.

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