Infant Tube Wrap Blanket

  • NICU Blanket
  • NICU Tube Wrap Blanket

USA Made 100% soft comfortable polyester tube wrap has no buttons for easy and safe on and off. Nothing has to be pulled over head. Arms do not have to bend into sleeves. Easily stretches to just slide on. Double thick for warmth. Breathable for comfort. Arms can be tucked in or left out if infant is in NICU  with medical monitoring equipment. Perfect for infants with IVs or PICC Lines. Washable in hot temperatures for sanitizing and machine dry. Perfect for pool or beach to help protect infant from sun without using chemicals on sensitive skin. Like a blanket that will not fall off. Perfect for infants with adaptive needs requiring access from feet or shoulders. No internal seams to irritate sensitive skin. Tube is open at top and feet for very easy diaper changes. 

Preemie fits infants up to 6 pounds. 

Newborn fits infants up to 3 months.