The Littlest Peanut

$ 16.95 (was $ 20.00)

The Littlest Peanut

A Baby Book for the Teeny Tiny Ones

Written by Shannan Wilson
Illustrated by Joe Cuniff



The Littlest Peanut, A Baby Book for the Teeny Tiny Ones was written by a mother of two after her children were both in the NICU for several weeks after their birth. Designed to record special moments, keep track of exciting milestones and store meaningful keepsakes, The Littlest Peanut is a way for parents to memorialize this life-changing experience. It's the small things that mean so much at this time, like the blessed feeling of holding a little finger, celebrating first feedings and other "normal" things that take on a deeper meaning when a baby requires special care at birth.

For parents, the time a baby spends in the NICU is an emotional rollercoaster but, even in the most tenuous situations, many parents use methods like websites and personal journals to memorialize the experience. Now, parents can record special moments in a lovely book that will store treasured memories for a lifetime.

The Littlest Peanut makes a wonderful gift for grandparents and friends who want to acknowledge the birth of a teeny tiny one but aren't sure what type of gift is appropriate.