Preemie Scent Bonding Blankets

100% cotton muslin preemie baby bonding scent blankets.

Soft, breathable and light. Perfect for premature babies in the NICU. Set of three. One for your baby and two for Mom, Dad and other family members. Use while pumping, sleeping, etc., to obtain your scent. Place in the incubator with your baby, giving them comfort, helping your baby become familiar with your scent. 

"Scent is one of the very first ways babies identify and bond with their parents. You can give your preemie the comfort of your scent by wearing an all natural, NICU approved lovey blanket or small stuffed toy against your body for a few days and then placing that object – with the NICU’s permission – in your baby’s isolette. Refresh it every few days or, better yet, have a few scent-infused objects in rotation." - Graham's Foundation