Baby Boys' All White Vest Suit

Elegant Suit for your Little Boy!
Made in the USA of 100% soft cotton knit
designed for comfort and fit.
White long sleeve baby boy shirt with soft
VELCRO® Brand closures in back
for easy on/off dressing.
No difficult buttons or snaps. Nothing
is pulled over baby's head. Shirt opens wide
no need to bend arms into sleeves.
White bow tie on collar.
Sleeveless white baby vest with VELCRO® Brand closure
and white faux buttons.
White baby pants with soft elastic waist
for easy dressing, soft against your
baby's belly and umbilical cord.
NICU approved design 
**Available with a VELCRO® Brand closure waist
for babies with special needs.
Contact us with any NICU needs or requests.
White baby booties with soft soles.
Double thick for warmth. 
"Stay On" ankle cuffs help keep booties on baby
A perfect dressy coming home outfit
for photos and keepsake. Custom color choices available 

Five Sizes!
Tiny Infant for babies under 1.5 pounds
Micro Preemie fits 0-3 pounds
Small Preemie fits  3-6 pounds
Small Infant fits  5-8 pounds
Newborn fits 8-12 pounds
Made in USA by Jacqui's Preemie Pride 
We are proud of wonderful selection of newborn
and preemie baby boy clothes, tuxedos and suits.
Clothing sized for premature babies and new born infants.
Perfect for holidays, Christmas and special occasions
Wide selection of NICU approved dress clothes!