Baby Boys' Blue Baseball Preemie NICU Snuggler Wrap Set


Baby Boys' Blue Baseball Preemie

NICU Snuggler Wrap Set

Our NICU Approved baby boy clothing wraps

are made of

100% double layer cotton knit fabric to

keep your baby snug and warm.

Opens Flat!

Nothing is pulled over baby's head.

The side flaps overlap in the front and are

connected with VELCRO® Brand   closures

for easy on and off dressing.

Safely dress your baby without interfering

with NICU equipment such as iv wires and tubes.


Light blue cotton knit with

colorful baseball hats, bats and baseballs

lined with soft white fabric.

  Our NICU wraps are longer

in the back for better coverage.


Matching capped baby boy hat

with White brim and baseball applique.

Double thick for warmth. Soft stretch

for fit and comfort. Will not pinch.


Our preemie baby clothing wraps are designed for

premature infants with NICU special needs.

Two Sizes Available

Micro Preemie for babies weighing 0-3 pounds

Small Preemies 3-6 pounds

Please select size when ordering.

Handmade with love,

by Jacqui's Preemie Pride, Inc.



Ask about custom alterations or adaptions for the special needs
of newborns and hospitalized infants. We have worked with hospitals
and a major medical device manufacturer to develop adaptive
clothing products for infant safety.