Baby Boys' Blue Plaid Pants

Adorable and very soft!

100% cotton knit for easy wash and wear.

Comfy blue plaid checkered baby pants.

Soft elastic waist provide gentle proper fit.

Will not pinch or bind. 

NICU Approved design with No Elastic Waist

Seven sizes for premature babies,

infants and toddlers.

Medium weight for comfort,

gentle 4 way stretch.

Micro Preemie for babies 0-3 Pounds

Preemie for babies weighing 3-6 pounds  

small newborn 5-8 pounds

0-3 months to 12 pounds

3-6 months

6-12 months 

12-24 months

Please select size when ordering.

By Jacqui's Preemie Pride, Inc.

NICU Approved Design with No Elastic Waist available.
Ask about custom alterations or adaptions for the special needs
of newborns and hospitalized infants. We have worked with hospitals
and a major medical device manufacturer to develop adaptive
clothing products for infant safety.