Baby Boys' Ooga Booga Pirate Pants

Baby Boys' Ooga Booga Pirate Pants

Soft elastic waist for a gentle more comfortable fit.

Will not pinch or bind. NICU Approved design with 

No Elastic Waist available. 

White baby sweatpants with

ooga booga pirates and boat print.

Pants accurately sized for

premature babies, newborns and toddlers.


Small preemie pants for babies 3-6 pounds

Small infant pants fit 5-8 pounds

0-3 months to 12 pounds

3-6 months to 16 pounds,

6-12 months infant pants

  12-24 month toddler pants


By Jacqui's Preemie Pride, Inc


NICU Approved Design with No Elastic Waist available.
Ask about custom alterations or adaptive clothing for the special needs
of newborns and hospitalized infants. We have worked with hospitals
and a major medical device manufacturer to develop adaptive
clothing products for infant safety. Gowns, shirts, pants, tights available