Baby Boys' Sports Balls Diaper Covers - Set of Three

Baby Boys' Sports Balls Diaper Covers
Set of Three
USA Made of 100% soft cotton knit.
Simply place your child on top pull up 
front flap and seal closed with VELCRO® Brand strips
VELCRO® Brand closure at waist for easy safe dressing,
soft against your baby's belly and umbilical cord.
Decorative Diaper Cover Set Includes:
Blue diaper cover with sport balls and stars
Gray diaper cover with sports balls and stars
White diaper cover with
soccer ball, baseball and 
football appliques on tabs.
Four preemie and newborn baby sizes!
Micro Preemie fits babies weighing 0-3 pounds
Small Preemie fits 3-6 pounds
Small Infant fits 5-8 pounds
0-3 months up to 12 pounds
Please select size when ordering.
Handmade with love,
by Jacqui's Preemie Pride, Inc.

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