Baby Boys' The Officer Hat

Love it!
This is the cutest little hat. It will make a great diaper baby for a baby shower
gift. This was hard to find, online is the way to go. - Patsy

Nice Hat
Cute hat, that is well made. Some baby hats are really light weight and this one is made out of heavier material but still soft. It is very navy blue and the patch is good quality. I recommend this hat for any baby that has a police officer in his/her life. I got the pacifier with a mustache and baby aviators and it completes the look and is very cute and funny. This hat has plenty of stretch so it should fit a newborn easily and then get plenty of more uses out of it.- Haley

Super cute hat for your future police officer!

Very soft, 100% cotton knit

knotted baby hat is

double thick for warmth.

Royal blue knotted baby boys' hat with police badge on front.

Five sizes!

Designed for premature babies and newborn infants

NICU micro preemie cap for babies 0-3 pounds

small preemie hat fits 3-6 pounds

small infant hat fits 5-8 pounds

newborn hat fits 0-3 months to 12 pounds

3-6 months hat fits toddlers up to 16 pounds.

Please select size when ordering.



By Jacqui's Preemie Pride

Cute Hat
Hat is cute and material is very soft. Color is not navy blue as it looks in the picture though- it's actually a royal blue. Also, just a little heads up for anyone washing this hat... it may come out of the washer in a different form! I put it in just like it came with the top tied up. It came undone in the washer and when I pulled it out it was simply a long piece of material and I had no idea how to form it back into a hat. It's actually quite simple to put back, but took me a minute to figure out. Just start at the bottom seam and shove the material up into itself to create a hole for baby's head. Then fold the bottom edge up to create the lip on the bottom of the hat, and tie the pointy top end in a knot around itself. Pretty easy to do. And you can tie the knot on top so that it doesn't stick up as high as the one pictured. I prefer a smaller, rounder bump instead.

- Caspers