Baby Girl's Lilies and Cross Burial Bereavement Gown Set

Very sweet
Baby Girl's Lilies and Cross Christian
Burial Bereavement Gown Set
100% soft cotton knit.
White short sleeve unisex baby gown
with a small beautiful cross applique with pink lily flowers on front.
Easy dressing with soft Velcro
closures on front of gown.
White baby blanket wrap,
covers feet. White bow on corner.
Matching white baby hat with
matching white bow.
Available in five sizes.
Tiny Infant for babies weighing under 1.5 pounds
Micro Preemie 0-3 pounds
Small Preemie 3-6 pounds
Small Infant 5-8 pounds
0-3 Months to 12 pounds
Please select size when ordering.
Handmade with love,
by Jacqui's Preemie Pride, Inc.

We are very sorry for the loss of your baby.

If there is anything we can do,

please know, we are here to help.