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MyPreemie App

By Graham's Foundation 

My Preemie’s contents were conceived and written by two parents of preemies and a neonatologist, the experts who wrote Preemies: The Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies, the leading book for families of premature babies. Artfully illustrated to provide color and joy at a stressful time, it will be your trusted guide and comforting companion, always available in your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, or iPod touch.

Finally, an app for families of premature babies! MyPreemie is a complete tool kit for the unique practical and emotional needs of families of preemies. And it’s gorgeous and fun to use. 

Available in English and Spanish. Coming soon to Android.

Parents of full-term babies have plenty of apps that they use. Now parents of preemies have an app of their own, too.


MyPreemie Features

 Pocket Guide to Preemies – a specialized, alphabetical reference guide with a Search feature offering accurate, clear, concise explanations on over a hundred health and developmental issues of prematurity, with suggested questions to ask about your own baby.

 Remember to Ask or to Do lists – with one tap you can transfer suggested questions from the Pocket Guide, and keep personal to-do tasks organized.

 Our Diary – a daily journal, beautifully illustrated and easy to complete, with prompts to chronicle your preemie’s major events, photos, and your own feelings. Multiple users, such as Mom and Dad, are able to merge their pages into a shared diary.

 Trackers – a few taps record a preemie’s daily weight, length, and head size, displaying them in grams and pounds, centimeters and inches, and automatically plotting them on preemie growth charts to show whether your baby is growing as expected from delivery through hospitalization and the first months at home.

 Treasured Mementos – a suggested checklist of meaningful objects from a preemie’s early days for you to gather as keepsakes, and space to add your own.

 Share – it’s easy to post your Diary and other pages of the app on Facebook, send them by email, or print them as PDFs to save as precious keepsakes.

 Hand-drawn illustrations bring pleasure and comfort at a stressful time, letting parents of preemies delight in a warm “mom and dad” experience they may be missing while their baby is in the hospital.


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