Baby Girls' Pretty Pink Roses Shirt

Comfortable and Dressy

I love the side snaps [Velcro] for easy dressing. Soft and comfortable. The pink with rosettes is precious and dressy as opposed to just the plain white snap shirts.                - Angela
   Just Precious  
Light pink short sleeve baby girl t-shirt,
made in the USA of super soft
100% cotton knit fabric.
Gentle to the touch on your baby girl's skin.
We apply little pink ribbon roses on front
to give it an "AAAWWW" look.
Velcro closures on front for easy on/off dressing. 
Opens in front so there is
nothing pulled over your baby's face!
No bending arms into sleeves!

Our baby kimono wrap shirts are designed for newborn babies,

adjustable for premature infants with NICU special needs.

❤Micro Preemie fits babies weighing 0-3 pounds
❤Small Preemie fits babies 3-6 pounds
❤Small Infant fits babies 5-8 pounds
❤0-3 months fits babies up to 12 pounds
Open Shoulder Seams -
Closed with Velcro, the nicu shirt opens flat.
Closed Shoulder Seams -
Sewn closed like a traditional shirt.
Please select size and shoulder closures when ordering.

Perfect baby hospital shirt or

part of a cute coming home outfit.

Handmade with love,
By Jacqui's Preemie Pride