Unisex Baby Red, White and Blue USA Booties

Very soft and cute!

Perfect for the Fourth of July! or any day!

100% natural cotton knit USA

white baby booties with red soles.

Navy blue star applique on front of each booties.

Five NICU premature infant and

newborn unisex baby sizes!

Micro preemie for babies weighing 0-3 pounds

Small preemies 3-6 pounds

Small infant 5-8 pounds

Newborn 0-3 months to 12 pounds

3-6 months to 16 pounds.

Please select size when ordering.


 By Jacqui's Preemie Pride, Inc. 








Large selection of newborn and preemie unisex baby booties.

USA bootie and soft soled crib shoes for premature babies,

micro preemies and new born babies.

Perfect for Fourth of July (July 4), memorial day, labor day and 

USA holiday!

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