Unisex Baby Summer Peace Shirt

Very sweet!

USA made of super soft 100% natural cotton knit

for easy care and baby's comfort!

White short sleeve unisex baby t-shirt

with red peace sign applique on front.

Velcro closure on front for

easy on/off dressing. No difficult

buttons or snaps!

Shirt opens in wide front,

nothing is pulled over your baby's face!

No bending baby arms into shirt sleeves.

NICU Design Open Shoulder Seams -
Closed with Velcro, the shirt opens completely flat.
Will not interfere with medical equipment.
                                                                   Closed Shoulder  Seams -
                                                                   Sewn closed like a traditional shirt.


Four preemie and newborn shirt sizes!

Micro Preemie shirt for babies 0-3 pounds

Small Preemie shirt fits 3-6 pounds

Small Infant shirt fits 5-8 pounds

Newborn 0-3 Months shirt fits 8-12 pounds.


Please select size and shoulder closure.

 Made in USA

by Jacqui's Preemie Pride, Inc. 








Newborn and preemie unisex baby t-shirts. Shirts for premature babies, NICU micro preemies, new born infants, twins and multiples.