Baby Boys' Touchdown Football Shirt

Baby Boys' Touchdown Football Shirt

Very Cute!

Super soft 100% natural cotton knit.

White sleeve baby boy t-shirt with

"FOOTBALL", ball and shoes applique.

Velcro closure on front for easy on/off dressing.

Opens in front,

nothing is pulled over your baby's face!


Open Shoulder Seams -

Closed with Velcro so the shirt opens flat.

Closed Shoulder Seams - 

Sewn closed like a traditional shirt.


Four NICU premature infant and

newborn baby sizes

Micro preemie shirt fits babies weighing 0-3 pounds

Small preemies fit 3-6 pounds

Small infant fits 5-8 pounds 

Newborn 0-3 months fits up to 12 pounds

Please select size and shoulder closure


By Jacqui's Preemie Pride,