Unisex Baby Mardi Gras Preemie Snuggler Wrap and Hat Set

So Sweet!

Perfect for Your Preemie Baby Boys' First Easter!


Clothes Designed to be NICU Practical and Comfortable!

Our unisex baby NICU snuggler wrap clothing opens flat,

wraps safely around your baby and is so gentle against fragile preemie's skin.

Made of soft 100% cotton knit with Velcro closures in between the two front panels,

that overlap for easy monitor access, no interior seams, designed for easy removal,

adjustable for proper fit and longer in the back for better coverage.


Adorable NICU yellow cotton knit wrap lined in

kelly green with purple fleur de lis appliques on tabs.

Fun purple double purple and green baby hat. 

Yellow pom poms on the ends and purple fleur de lis on brim.


Our preemie baby clothing wraps are designed for

low birth weight premature infants with NICU special needs.

Two Sizes Available

Micro Preemie Clothes for babies weighing 0-3 pounds

Small Preemie Clothing for  3-6 pounds infants

 Please select size when ordering.


By Jacqui's Preemie Pride